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Industrial Scale Freeze Dryer

Technical parameters
  • BFFD-65EH series freeze dryer is for mass production of freeze drying, with freeze drying area from 5 ㎡ to 30 ㎡ or bigger.
  • The lowest temperature can reach -65℃.
  • The heating method is electronic heating combined with conducting oil heating, which ensures evenness of temperature in the whole freeze dryer.
  • All stainless steel materials has good anti-corrosion property.
  • Double system of both manual and automatic control.
  • The high vacuum condition ensures efficient freeze drying.
  • The equipment is with Vacuum failure protection, Temperature failure protection, Compressor protection, Other motors protection, Interlock protection, Cooling water failure protection and Air pressure failure protection, which ensures success of freeze drying process.
  • We can design freeze dryer according to plant layout, and provide freeze drying plant construction suggestions.
  • We can design freeze dryer with requested technical parameter.
  • Piston compressor or screw compressor available.
  • Vacuum pump or vacuum pump unit with several brands to choose.
  • Vacuum pump and balance bucket are detachable, with the whole size height adjustable for transportation.
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