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Introduction of freeze dryer

Vacuum freeze drying technology, referred to as freeze drying, also known as sublimation drying in freeze
dryers, is based on the change in three states of water.

Under vacuumed condition, the water inside materials was frozen and then sublimated to vapour directly. So
that the material was dried.

The freeze-dried material is like sponge with little amount of water, without shrinkage on the surface, which is
easy to reserve and transport. The freeze-dried material can be restored to the original condition in water and
the biochemical property will not be affected.

Because of it’s extraordinary advantages, freeze-drying is widely used in pharmaceutical, biological products,
chemical and food industries, for the drying of heat-sensitive substances such as antibiotics, vaccines, blood
products, enzyme hormones and other biological tissues.


Features of freeze dryer

  • Low temperature heating, suitable for drying of heat-sensitive materials.
  • Can be used to dry many substance in different industries.
  • Surface of substance will not shrink, and easy to restore in water.
  • Will not affect the biochemical property after freeze drying.
  • Different cap and plate type to suit different drying requirement.
  • Can be combined with heating system to accelerate the drying process.

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Classification of Freeze Dryer

Lab Scale

mainly used in labs or for product testing

Pilot Scale

mainly used in home, stores, research
institution, etc.

Industrial Scale

mainly used for food manufacturers

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